The Top 10 Education Next Blog Entries of 2018

Yesterday Education Next released a list of the top articles of 2018. Today we announce our top blog entries of 2018.

These are the 10 the most popular entries on the Education Next blog as determined by readership.

The list spans a broad range of topics:

What works? Direct instruction? Teacher evaluation reform? Common Core-aligned testing?

And what might work? Making high school students take the citizenship test? Adding an extra grade to elementary school for low-income students? Teaching more facts and less interpretation?

Here’s the list:

1. Meta-Analysis Confirms Effectiveness of an Old School Approach: Direct Instruction
By Robert Pondiscio
2. The Gates Effective Teaching Initiative Fails to Improve Student Outcomes
By Jay P. Greene
3. How the Common Core Changed Standardized Testing
By Laura Slover and Lesley Muldoon
4. How Does Charter Expansion Affect School District Finances and Student Achievement? New Evidence from Massachusetts
By Camille Terrier, Stephen O’Connell and Matthew Ridley
5. How Life Outside of School Affects Student Performance in School
By Brian A. Jacob and Joseph Ryan
6. The Case for Adding a Second 2nd Grade to High-Poverty Elementary Schools
By Mike Petrilli
7. Has Evaluation Reform Chased Away Competent Would-Be Teachers?
By Frederick Hess
8. Should Passing the Citizenship Test Be a High School Graduation Requirement?
By Chester E. Finn Jr.
9. Emphasis on Thinking Skills over Facts in Schools Contributes to Truth Decay
By Chester E. Finn Jr.
10. Why Can’t the Middle Class Afford Catholic School Anymore?
By Greg Dolan

Congratulations to all of our authors!

— Education Next

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