• Judging Choice

    Court victory for charter schools in Louisiana

  • No, One Limited Study Does Not Prove School Vouchers Don’t Work

    Students in the sample weren’t even participating in school-voucher programs

  • Rethinking the Rules on Federal Higher-Ed Spending

    How can Congress spur innovation while clamping down on fraud?

  • Privatization in American Education: Rhetoric vs. Facts

    Given the recent rhetoric of education reform’s critics, one might be forgiven for thinking that American private schools are at the peak of their influence.

  • Where Title IX Went Wrong

    A review of “The Transformation of Title IX” by R. Shep Melnick

  • Taking Teacher Coaching To Scale

    Can Personalized Training Become Standard Practice?

What We’re Watching: Can Charter Schools Survive Polarization and Populism?

On Thursday, July 26, 2018, the Fordham Institute hosted a panel discussion on changing support for charter schools featuring Charles Barone, Carlos Marquez, Nina Rees, and Mike Petrilli.

The Education Exchange: Effectiveness of Teaching Practices Depends on Classroom Composition

A new study investigates whether teaching practices differ in effectiveness depending on the students in the class. It finds that the impact of good classroom management and student-centered instruction vary depending on whether the students in the classroom are of high ability or of mixed ability. Jane Cooley Fruehwirth, Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of North Carolina, sits down with Paul E. Peterson to discuss the study,”Teacher Effectiveness and Classroom Composition,” which she co-authored with Esteban Aucejo, Patrick Coate and Zachary Mozenter.

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