• Can For-Profit Colleges Rebound?

    A second chance to innovate, amid tough market conditions

  • Develop and Validate — Then Scale

    Lessons from the Gates Foundation’s Effective Teaching Strategy

  • Looking Past the Wreckage of a Disgraceful Confirmation Process

    By securing a conservative majority on the court for the foreseeable future, Kavanaugh’s confirmation can be expected to accelerate ongoing shifts to the right in constitutional doctrine.

  • The Case for (Quality) Homework

    Why it improves learning, and how parents can help

  • From Cat Videos and Cooking Tips to the History of the Punic Wars

    Educational content comes to YouTube

  • Reflections on the Legacy of Bush-Obama School Reform

    Why did initially promising, seemingly popular efforts at federal leadership lose their luster?

What We’re Watching: AEI Event on Bush-Obama School Reform

On September 26, AEI hosted a panel discussion on Frederick M. Hess and Michael Q. McShane’s new edited volume, Bush-Obama School Reform: Lessons Learned.

EdNext Podcast: An Arts Educator Wins the Global Teacher Prize

Earlier this year, the Global Teacher Prize was awarded to Andria Zafirakou, an arts educator at an inner city secondary school in London. Zafirakou joins Marty West to talk about how she uses the arts to inspire the students in her school and and her plan to use the $1 million prize to launch a charity supporting arts education in the UK.

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