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Photo of Rick Hess

The Education Exchange: Press Is Giving Critical Race Theory a Free Pass, a New Study Finds

Practices like in-school "privilege walks" are "bad for children, bad for the nation," says AEI's Hess

The Education Exchange: Charter School Enrollment Leaps by Nearly a Quarter Million Students, a New Study Finds

"The pandemic has woken people up," says Nina Rees, president of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
Photo of Bill Oberndorf

The Education Exchange: Philanthropist of the Year Bill Oberndorf Explains State-Based Strategy for Expanding School Choice

Gains among frustrated minority parents: "choice allows them to take their kids where they want them to be."
Photo of Jason Riley, and the book cover of "Maverick: A Biography of Thomas Sowell"

The Education Exchange: The Trouble With Critical Race Theory

"That we would teach our children in schools, in elementary schools to focus on their racial differences, I think, is a recipe for disaster," says author Jason Riley.
Photo of Dr. Nikolai Vitti

The Education Exchange: Detroit School Superintendent Nikolai Vitti on How He Changed Three Quarters of the District’s Principals

"The board has to know that they're hiring a reformer," he says. "I think they wanted someone that was not afraid to implement change."

The Education Exchange: Bishop of Charleston Joins Historically Black Colleges in Legal Challenge to South Carolina Ban on Pandemic Aid to Private Schools

NAACP sides with Pitchfork Ben Tillman: "so opposed to school choice, that they are willing to minimize the history of racism in South Carolina," a lawyer says.


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