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The Education Exchange: Supreme Court to Weigh Whether Maine Can Exclude Religious Schools

"It's religious discrimination... and it's unconstitutional," says lawyer Michael Bindas, explaining the First Amendment issue in Carson v. Makin.
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The Education Exchange: Mask-Wearing Mandates Are Based on “Pathetic” Lack of Data, a Johns Hopkins Doctor Warns

"This recommendation for every three-year-old in America to wear a mask with such universality and vigor is disproportional to any science to support it," says Professor Marty Makary
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The Education Exchange: Understanding the Failure of Common Core

A "blunt instrument" to share common standards for college-readiness across states wound up on the ash heap. Tom Loveless tells the story in a new book.
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The Education Exchange: “It’s Not How Much You Spend, It’s How You Spend It.”

Use the flood of federal cash to create the right incentives for teaching and learning, says Stanford's Eric Hanushek
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The Education Exchange: Walsh – In Six States, Institutions Where Nearly Every Teacher Candidate Who Takes the License Exam Flunks on First Try, a New Report Finds

Eleven states wouldn't even provide the pass rate. "One of the states told us that the reason they're not going to turn over the data is that it will look bad."
Photo of William Damon

The Education Exchange: “My father went missing during World War II—or that was what they told me.”

Stanford psychology professor William Damon reflects on a fatherless life in a conversation about his new book: A Round of Golf With My Father: The New Psychology of Exploring Your Past to Make Peace with Your Present.
Photo of Justice Clint Bolick

The Education Exchange: Abolish School Districts, a New Book Proposes

"Every time we have increased funding for education a huge part of the money is absorbed away by the bureaucracy and doesn't reach the classroom," says Clint Bolick, co-author of Unshackled: Freeing America’s K–12 Education System.
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The Education Exchange: How the Education Secretary in Arkansas Kept Schools Open all Year for In-Person Learning

And how districts will spend "more money than we can even imagine" from federal aid, soaring property-tax revenues.


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