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Photo of Deena M. Bishop

The Education Exchange: How The Last Frontier is First in Charter-Student Performance

Alaska’s education commissioner attributes top ranking to a commitment to mission and to shared learning between charter and district leaders
Photo of Jim Peyser

The Education Exchange: Who Boasts the Best Charter Schools in the U.S.?

First-ever ranking of charter students by state on Nation’s Report Card
Photo of Michael Hartney

The Education Exchange: The “Teachers Union Premium” in School Board Elections

Researchers find union-backed candidates win seven out of ten board races
Photo of Nina Rees

The Education Exchange: Let a Thousand Charters Bloom

A wave of new state legislation has paved the way for charter-school expansion, NAPCS president reports
Photo of Thiru Vignarajah

The Education Exchange: “A decision this nation will come to regret”

Former Breyer law clerk explains justice's dissent in Seattle school desegregation case
Photo of Eric A. Hanushek

The Education Exchange: The Dallas Teacher Performance Pay Experiment

Effective teachers identified, incentivized to bring talents to lowest-performing schools
Photo of Jay P. Greene

The Education Exchange: Questionable Conclusions on School Spending Cast Doubt on Economist’s Research

“It’s not that money can’t matter. It’s that on average money doesn’t matter.”
Photo of Ira Nichols-Barrer

The Education Exchange: The College Power of KIPP Charter Schools

Major new study shows attendance at both KIPP middle and high schools get more students to and through college
Photo of Vladimir Kogan

The Education Exchange: Ohio Students on the Rebound

State data from spring 2023 show sizeable post-pandemic recovery in ELA, modest gains in math


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