Book Reviews

Interior of a classroom

Give Boys an Extra Year of School, a New Book Suggests

A possible solution to striking educational gaps
Cover of Class Dismissed by Kevin McIntosh

A Veteran Teacher Pens a Not-Your-Typical Novel About Schools. And That’s a Good Thing

The characters are more richly drawn than is usual in novels about education
Cover of "When Schools Work" by Bruce Fuller

Pluralistic Politics Lead to Improved Learning in L.A. Schools

Public-private efforts and motivated district leaders effect reform
Cover of "God Grades & Graduation" by Ilana Horwitz

The Perks of Faith

How religious belief and behavior help students thrive in school
Book cover of "Confessions of a School Reformer," by Larry Cuban

A Pessimistic View of Public-School Reform

In urban historian Larry Cuban’s view, corporations drive the action

Palatial Schools for the Progressive era

C. B. J. Snyder built “grand municipal architecture full of promise and hope”
Book cover of "The Real World of College" by Wendy Fischman and Howard Gardner

A Research-Based Case For Transforming College

2,000 interviews precede recommendations for improved onboarding, mental health
Cover of The Debt Trap by Josh Mitchell

Drowning in Debt

Profiles of mega-borrowers spotlight broken student-loan policy
"Attic Black-Figure Hydria," Lykomedes Painter, Athens, Greece, 520–510 B.C.

Victory in “Battle of Classics” Could Save Civilization, Book Says

A defense of the humanities against the dominance of science


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