To Teach Better Writing, Don’t Ban Artificial Intelligence. Instead, Embrace it.

By inviting ChatGPT into the classroom instead of locking it out, schools can push students toward independent thinking in a way that doesn’t signal mistrust.

Ban the Cellphone Ban

Blanket policies ignore the potential of app-powered learning

Take Away Their Cellphones

… So we can rewire schools for belonging and achievement

Meet the Metaverse

A New Frontier in Virtual Learning
Illustration of a laptop with "WE HAVE YOUR DATA PAY" on the screen

“Our Biggest Nightmare Is Here”

Cyberattacks are targeting school districts. How can schools respond to keep data and systems secure?
At the KaiPod Learning pod in Newton, Massachusetts, students are taught one on one or in small groups by former school teachers. Students often work outdoors or while listening to music, and KaiPod provides enrichment activities tailored to students’ interests.

Some Pods Will Outlast the Pandemic

Students, parents say they appreciate the support
Nicole Reitz-Larsen uses movement to teach computer science at West High School in Salt Lake City. She used to teach German and business.

Computer Science for All?

As a new subject spreads, debates flare about precisely what is taught, to whom, and for what purpose
Third-grade teacher Cara Denison manages students in person and remotely, simultaneously, at Rogers International School in Stamford, Connecticut.

Move to Trash

Five pandemic-era education practices that deserve to be dumped in the dustbin
A student follows along with a school lesson on a laptop.

Schools Squandered Virtual Learning

A timid response, with lessons for the future


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