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St. Isidore of Seville, as seen in a painting by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, on display in the Seville Cathedral.

Oklahoma’s Approval of America’s First-Ever Religious Charter School Is Cause for Celebration

Religious pluralism, Free Exercise Clause of First Amendment outweigh concerns of critics
Campaign signs for Robert Pondiscio on a lawn

What I Learned Running for School Board

School districts and teachers unions rig the vote
Photo of Stanford University

Stanford Summer Math Camp Defense Doesn’t Add Up, Either

Flawed, non-causal research that the proposed California framework embraces
The speakers of the the Program on Education Policy and Governance's spring colloquium series.

From Harvard, Hope

Recent education research highlights some positive results along with the setbacks and false starts
Stanford University

Stanford Summer Math Camp Researchers Defend Study

Critique of California math framework draws a response
Photo of David M. Steiner

“Stop Wishing Away Evidence of No Progress”

Instead, “transmit what is finest in our multicultural inheritance,” says David Steiner
Map highilghting which states have education savings accounts

What Is an Education Savings Account, and Why Does It Matter?

A potentially promising shift from “school” choice to “educational” choice
Students from the 6th grade at Nathan Hale School complete a "bingo challenge" as part of the Red Sox Hall of Fame stop on their guided tour of the Fenway Park Learning Lab.

Red Sox Turn Fenway Park into “Learning Lab” for Boston 6th Graders

“The key to unlock opportunity is education and hard work,” students are told at launch event


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