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How Charter School Regulations Harm Minority School Operators

In states with stricter rules, fewer Black and Hispanic applicants get charters approved, new research shows
Kendra Espinoza with her two daughters at Stillwater Christian School in Kalispell, Mont.

Religious Charter Schools Will Test Limits of Espinoza Decision

A hypothetical dialogue explains the issues: “We will see you in court”
U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

Steer Federal Stimulus Money to Poor Students

Fund direct services to individuals, not "schoolwide" Title I programs
Joe Biden speaks at a campaign stop in Hampton, N.H.

What a Democratic Sweep This Fall Would Mean for Education

"The most momentous education election in American history."
Photo of Louise Dubé

Reimagining Civic Education for the Digital Age

"Justice O'Connor and video games may seem an odd couple, but she bought in."
Photo of SEC chairman Jay Clayton

SEC Announces $40 million Settlement in Florida Teacher Pension Case

“Fraud or deceit” in a case involving a money manager’s payments to a for-profit company owned by teachers unions
President Clinton addresses the National Education Summit in Palisades, N.Y., Wednesday March 27, 1996.

Civics Education Needs More Social-Emotional Learning, Less Existential Angst

I wonder whether the enthusiasm for civics instruction that emphasizes end-times pageantry is a symptom of our problems—and a recipe for aggravating them.

It’s Not Fair Week

Missing this year: what county fairs teach about science, business, and civics.

Make Covid-Era K-12 Local Education More Like Daycare

Small-scale “nurture centers” can support remote learning for children of parents who aren’t available to homeschool

Pandemic Offers Opportunity to Extend Learning Time

A chance to break free of seasonal, location-centric learning.


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