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People hold up signs during a rally against "critical race theory" being taught in schools. The rally was at the Loudoun County Government center in Leesburg, Virginia on June 12, 2021.

On Critical Race Theory in the Classroom, Idaho Makes More Sense Than Oklahoma

Legislators do well when they consciously echo the provisions of the Civil Rights Act that have been brushed aside in the excesses of anti-racist education.
Student raising hand in a science lab

The NAEP Sounded Red Alert for Students with Disabilities Before Covid-19

Many states had academic disasters unfolding for students with disabilities before the pandemic
Summer reading camps, like the one shown here at Moss Hill Elementary School in Kinston, North Carolina, can mitigate learning loss.

Holding Back 3rd Graders Who Can’t Read Is Only Part of the Answer

The purpose of a promotion policy is for students to be ready, not retained
Andrew Yang at Yeshiva Darchei Torah in April, 2021

Andrew Yang Is Right. There Should be Very Little Regulation of Hasidic Education

Forcing parents into an educational model that they religiously oppose is unlikely to succeed.
Illustration of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

Performance Pay for Principals Pushed Less-Effective Ones to Leave, a New Study Shows

Highly experienced principals tended to leave their jobs after North Carolina changed its compensation system.
Illustration of coins falling into a school-shaped piggy bank

Let schools, not district offices, decide how to spend some federal aid

Pushing dollars directly to individual schools would increase transparency, public engagement
Kid sitting on a tube in the snow

End Snow Days by Switching to Remote? Not So Fast.

District leaders may be tempted, but students, parents may be ill-served.
Painting of Philip II of Spain

Put Students, Not Screens, at the Center of Post-Pandemic Learning

Online education has a place, but meaningful in-person interactions build the best connections
Book cover of "Beyond Standards" by Morgan Polikoff

Local Control Is Part of the Problem, a New Book About Education Contends

Louisiana, Rhode Island point path toward quality, Polikoff says


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