Supreme Court Rules in Favor of L.A. Catholic Schools

By 07/08/2020

Win for schools, with two other decisions this term, sets stage for additional litigation.

Randi Weingarten’s Finest Hour

By 07/08/2020

The teachers union leader signs a letter warning of a growing risk of “ideological conformity” in the post-George Floyd racial reckoning.

The Key to Getting Hybrid Schooling Right

By 07/03/2020

“Unpack and rethink what we’re asking educators to do.”

David Brooks, Please Don’t Give Up on Education

By 07/02/2020

The trap of confusing educational attainment with academic achievement.

In Supreme Court Case, a Far-Reaching Win for Religious-School Parents

By 06/30/2020

Espinoza v. Montana May Pave Way for More Direct Funding of Religious Schools

Focus on Teaching, Not Just Masks and Hand-Sanitizer

By 06/30/2020

Make schools better than they were by relying more on the best teachers

The Summer 2020 Issue of Education Next is here!

By 06/26/2020

See the full list of contents below

Jeb Bush: “My View Is the Schools Have To Open”

By 06/25/2020

“Staying quarantined is not an option,” says the former Florida governor.

What Racism in Schools Looks Like

By 06/23/2020

And how to start fixing it

Noah’s Ark College

By 06/17/2020

A $340 million (or even just $40 million) plan for a new “America at its best” liberal arts college.

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