Straight Up Conversation: Seton Education Partners’ Stephanie Saroki de García

By 12/14/2018

Seton Education Partners supports blended learning in 14 urban Catholic schools and operates three virtue-based charter schools in the South Bronx.

In the News: Down With Homework, Say U.S. School Districts

By 12/12/2018

Several school districts are banning or reducing homework in response to parents who complain of overload.

The Top 10 Education Next Blog Entries of 2018

By 12/11/2018

The most popular entries on the Education Next blog based on readership

The Role of Catholic Schools in Education Choice Programs

By 12/11/2018

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Catholic schools do not dominate choice programs, but rather, enroll students in line with their share of the overall private school market.

When Quality Charter School Authorizing Jumps the Shark

By 12/11/2018

Greg Richmond of the National Association of Charter School Authorizers urges authorizers to resist the temptations of red tape and regulation.

Straight Up Conversation: CEO Charles Best

By 12/07/2018

The website has been used by teachers in 80 percent of American public schools to raise $760 million to fund 1.2 million different classroom projects.

The Winter 2019 Issue of Education Next Is Here!

By 12/07/2018

The Winter 2019 issue of Education Next is now available in full on our website. The issue presents results from the 2018 EdNext Poll of public opinion.

Allowing Researchers to See What Goes On in the Classroom

By 12/06/2018

Technology might allow us to collect detailed information about classroom practice that would help us learn what’s working and what’s not.

21st-Century Education Policy Enters Its Afternoon Rerun Stage

By 12/04/2018

After more than 15 years of “meh” results, viewers have tuned out.

Remembering Two Education Reformers

By 12/02/2018

American education lost two great leaders last week with the passing of George H.W. Bush and Harold O. Levy.

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