Straight Up Conversation: The Woman Who’s Trying to Reimagine Testing

By 09/18/2019

Rebecca Kantar leads Imbellus, which has raised more than $24 million to build simulation-based assessments.

The Appeal of Alternative Education

By 09/16/2019

A path outside the conventional structure can save costs, enrich lives.

In The News: The Changing Face of School Integration

By 09/13/2019

A new report by the Washington Post shows the overall number of children attending U.S. public schools with students of other races has actually doubled over the past 25 years. At the same time, many urban schools remain deeply segregated. An analysis by Tomas Monarrez, Brian Kisida and Matthew M. Chingos in Education Next examined this issue in the context of charter schooling.

Bipartisan Bill Would Set Rules for Income Share Agreements

By 09/13/2019

Better incentives for colleges, less loan risk for students.

Three Factors Critical to Rural Charter Schools’ Success

By 09/11/2019

Visitors to charter schools in Questa, New Mexico; Quincy, Florida; Starbuck, Minnesota; and Prescott Valley, Arizona, found some common ingredients.

No, “Personal Responsibility” Is Not Inherently a Racist, Classist Construct

By 09/10/2019

An encounter at Columbia University Teachers College tells a story.

As New York Charters Turn 20, Let Good Schools Flourish

By 09/09/2019

Twenty years ago this summer, I was a founder of the first charter school in New York state: the Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem.

The “Left Behind” Kids Made Incredible Progress From the Late 1990s Until the Great Recession. Here Are Key Lessons for Ed Reform.

By 09/09/2019

A look at a quarter-century of student outcomes is a reminder of the importance of patience.

Straight Up Conversation: Bridge in Nigeria Chief Oladapo Olarinmoye

By 09/09/2019

Bridge in Nigeria is upskilling the teachers of around 300,000 children in 1,500 schools over four years, a rate of scaling which may be unprecedented in African history.

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