Professionalizing Teaching and Winning the Salary Wars

By 11/14/2019

‘Grand bargain’ would feature higher pay and increased accountability.

In the News: Newton Teachers Union ‘Having Conversations’ About Striking Amid Contract Negotiations

By 11/13/2019

In the Spring 2019 issue of Education Next, Martin West wrote that strikes in Oakland, Los Angeles, and Denver “may presage a new era of conflict.”

In New Hampshire, Biden Talks Increased Education Spending

By 11/13/2019

“Any country that out-educates us is going to out-compete us.”

On Education, Bloomberg Candidacy Would Be Game-Changing

By 11/08/2019

“Too many politicians are afraid.” Not Mayor Bloomberg.

Straight Up Conversation: A Community College and a University Rolled Into One

By 11/07/2019

Utah Valley University offers career and technical education, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees under one roof, all for the average out-of-pocket tuition of $1,700.

“Inquiry Learning” May Backfire

By 11/05/2019

School children are not professional mathematicians. Why would we assume that the most effective way of teaching math would be by trying to copy what expert mathematicians do?

Time To Put an Ice Pack on the Fever for Social and Emotional Learning

By 11/01/2019

What happens when school leaders, teachers, and ed reformers get so preoccupied with the SEL indicators themselves that they neglect English, math, science, and history or forget how much those matter in the real world?

Strange Bedfellows? Why School Reformers Should Rethink Teachers Unions

By 10/30/2019

Unions can tell us what goes on behind the scenes.

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