Four Surprising Truths About U.S. Schooling

By 06/25/2019

A lot of our fevered education debates are fueled by assumptions which can be off-base, or flat wrong.

In the News: Alexa, Tell Us What You Think of Voice-Activated Learning in K-12

By 06/24/2019

There are at least six sessions with titles that mention Alexa at the International Society for Technology in Education’s annual conference.

Some Practical Advice for School Leaders Facing Familiar Challenges

By 06/21/2019

Kristyn Klei Borrero offers some concrete advice based on what she learned as a school and school system leader.

Supreme Court Partially Junks a Lemon

By 06/20/2019

American Legion Cross Case May Make It Harder To Sue Schools Over Religion

“Most of What You Believe about Poverty is Wrong”

By 06/20/2019

What the work of Mauricio “Lim” Miller, an Oakland, California-based social services pioneer and MacArthur “Genius” fellowship recipient, means for education.

Betsy DeVos and Other Naysayers Are Wrong: Student Outcomes in the U.S. Have Improved Significantly in Recent Decades

By 06/14/2019

A fair assessment of the past twenty-five years, and especially the years before the Great Recession, is that something improved outcomes for students, particularly the most vulnerable students.

School Choices for Rural America

By 06/14/2019

School choice leaves many small town denizens and suburbanites cold. So here’s an idea for what rural school reform should look like.

Rising Graduation Rates Signal Risk of Sinking Standards

By 06/13/2019

We can’t rule out “dumbing down” as one explanation for rising high school graduation rates, and there’s now provocative evidence that it’s also contributing to rising college graduation rates.

The Secret Source of Lost Learning and Educator Burnout

By 06/11/2019

Teachers spend more than a third of their instructional time on tasks other than instruction. And that’s before we add in paperwork done outside the classroom.

Teacher-Student Race Matching: Where The Research Is Heading

By 06/10/2019

A new study looks at differences in exposure and impact associated with assignment to same race/ethnicity teachers between the traditional public school and public charter sectors.

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