The Federal Charter Schools Program: A Short, Opinionated History

By 08/15/2019

Avoiding the ‘rigidities and often dysfunction of local school districts’ yielded a success

Measure Education Inputs, Too

By 08/14/2019

A key to turning schools into learning organizations

In the News: As New York Once Again Targets Religious Schools, a History Lesson in Communal Resistance

By 08/13/2019

Tablet magazine features an article by Marvin Schick, who is in his 46th year as president of the Rabbi Jacob Joseph School, about New York State’s effort to regulate the curriculum in Jewish private schools. Schick recounts an earlier such effort, between 1939 and 1941, in which the state warned the Jewish schools that their practices violated the state’s compulsory education law.

In the News: ‘Separate Programs for Separate Communities’: California School District Agrees to Desegregate

By 08/13/2019

The New York Times recently highlighted an action by the attorney general of California, Xavier Becerra, to desegregate the Sausalito Marin City school district, which includes both a charter school and a traditional public school.

On Goalpost Moving

By 08/09/2019

The right way to evaluate private school choice programs

Measurement, Private Sector Involvement Can Boost Learning

By 08/08/2019

Progress in Pakistan, Liberia are detailed in new report

A New High School Movement Rises

By 08/07/2019

“Faster and cheaper” paths to careers

Boston Charter Study Tells Story About Limits of Test Scores

By 08/02/2019

“It is all too common for researchers to misinterpret the policy implications of these experiments, even when they are properly conducted.”

What Changed at George Washington High School in Chicago

By 08/01/2019

To rethink education reform, focus on democracy

Education Will Be Issue in Campaign for Governor of Vermont

By 07/31/2019

Rebecca Holcombe, former secretary of education, will run as a Democrat amid a flap over a plan to consolidate school districts.

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