In the News: Proposed Law Would Require Illinois Children to Start School by Age 5, Threatening Kindergarten Redshirting

By 04/19/2019

Illinois legislators are considering a bill that would prevent parents from holding their children back from starting kindergarten, a practice known as academic redshirting. A review of the research on redshirting at the kindergarten level finds that the practice, on average, has few benefits and considerable costs.

Aspen’s Newest Social-Emotional Learning Offering Gives Cause for Pause

We see a danger that social-emotional learning could wind up compromising academic instruction or serving to advance ideological causes and agendas.

What Schools Can Learn from OrangeTheory about Differentiating Instruction

By 04/18/2019

Like schools, fitness studios aim to provide a great experience for twenty-five or thirty students with great variation in levels and goals.

What If Teachers Could No Longer Give B-minuses?

By 04/17/2019

In a competency-based learning model, students keep working at something until they demonstrate mastery.

Straight Up Conversation: Braven CEO Aimée Eubanks Davis

By 04/12/2019

Braven partners with three universities to help over 1,600 low-income, first-generation students transition from college to career.

The Corruption Continuum

By 04/11/2019

Name an educated, upper-middle-class parent who hasn’t done a hundred things to advantage their own progeny in the frantic competition for limited spots at elite universities.

In the News: Can We Fix the Schools? (Maybe Not.)

By 04/08/2019

What to make of a study finding that the achievement gap between students with low and high socioeconomic status has barely budged over the past 50 years?

Straight Up Conversation: My Tech High CEO Matt Bowman

By 04/05/2019

My Tech High partners with innovative public school districts to offer tuition-free, home-centered education programs to 5,000 students, primarily in Utah.

Newspaper Hit Piece on Charter Schools Misses The Mark

By 04/04/2019

Reader hours, reporter time disappear into flawed journalistic experiment

Are Career-Tech Students Preparing for Jobs That Actually Exist?

A new analysis links data on career and technical education course-taking to employment data.

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