EdStat: When Informed About Teachers’ Current Salaries, 36% of the Public Favor a Pay Raise for Teachers

By 05/01/2018

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Teachers in a growing number of states are going on strike seeking better pay, and recent polls show that most Americans agree that teachers deserve a pay raise. But the annual EdNext survey has found that the public’s views change when respondents are given more information.

When asked whether teacher salaries should be raised, the 2017 EdNext poll found that 61% of Americans are in favor. But when told what teachers currently earn, the level of support drops to 36%. This finding is one that has persisted over time. When asked to guess the average yearly salary of a public school teacher, respondents also underestimate salaries by a wide margin. For further analysis of the findings, check out the 2017 EdNext poll. Analysis and results from EdNext’s eleven years of polling are also available.

— Education Next

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