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Paul T. von Hippel is an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Illustration of three triangles in glowing neon colors

GPT-4 Is Still Not Ready to Teach Geometry

But the forthcoming Wolfram plugin could change that.
Hand writing out Pythagoras Theorem on chalkboard

ChatGPT Is Not Ready to Teach Geometry (Yet)

The viral chatbot is often wrong, but never in doubt. Educators need to tread carefully.

Philadelphia Is Delaying Online Teaching for 7 Weeks. It Doesn’t Need to.

The district believes that only half its students have home internet. The true number may be closer to 80 to 90 percent.

How Will the Coronavirus Crisis Affect Children’s Learning? Unequally.

It’s not a vacation. There’s still half a semester of curriculum to learn.
Summer slide: Whether summer learning loss contributes to the achievement gap and if so, how much — and the strength of the evidence — has become a hotly contested issue among education scholars.

Summer Learning: Key Findings Fail to Replicate, but Programs Still Have Promise

von Hippel responds to Alexander’s criticism of “Is Summer Learning Loss Real?”
More Recent National Data Show No Change in Reading Gaps Through Second Grade (Figure 2)

Is Summer Learning Loss Real?

How I lost faith in one of education research’s classic results

Rating Teacher-Preparation Programs

Can value-added make useful distinctions?

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