Campus of Stanford University

More Evidence that the California Math Framework Cites Flawed Research

Stanford summer camp study is dropped after criticism
Photo of Stanford University

Stanford Summer Math Camp Defense Doesn’t Add Up, Either

Flawed, non-causal research that the proposed California framework embraces
Stanford University

Stanford Summer Math Camp Researchers Defend Study

Critique of California math framework draws a response
Students from the 6th grade at Nathan Hale School complete a "bingo challenge" as part of the Red Sox Hall of Fame stop on their guided tour of the Fenway Park Learning Lab.

Red Sox Turn Fenway Park into “Learning Lab” for Boston 6th Graders

“The key to unlock opportunity is education and hard work,” students are told at launch event
Illustration of three triangles in glowing neon colors

GPT-4 Is Still Not Ready to Teach Geometry

But the forthcoming Wolfram plugin could change that.
Three plates of cookies

Numeracy for All

U.S. kids were struggling in math even before the pandemic. Here are four key ways to help students understand.
Hand writing out Pythagoras Theorem on chalkboard

ChatGPT Is Not Ready to Teach Geometry (Yet)

The viral chatbot is often wrong, but never in doubt. Educators need to tread carefully.
Jaime Escalante was the star math teacher at James A. Garfield High School in East Los Angeles.

To Rethink Math Education, Focus on Common Ground

Calculus? Data Science? Embrace the “and,” says a response to the recent forum.
Cover of Out on Good Behavior by Barry Garelick

A Math Teacher’s Frank and Funny Take on Math Education

"Full of the kinds of things that teachers say privately but hesitate to speak aloud"

California Moves to Replace Math With “Data Science,” in the name of Equity and Inclusion

“Watered-down diet” would not give students fluency with algebra and an introduction to calculus


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