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Ira Stoll

Ira Stoll is the managing editor of Education Next.

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Meet the Memphis Great-Grandmother Who Confronted Elizabeth Warren About School Choice

“I dream big and I fight hard for kids,” says Sarah Carpenter
Michael Bloomberg addresses the NAACP

On Education, Bloomberg Candidacy Would Be Game-Changing

“Too many politicians are afraid.” Not Mayor Bloomberg.
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers his Leader's speech at the Conservative Party Conference on Oct. 2, 2019, in Manchester, England.

Education Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson takes a side in the reading wars.

Ban Public Schools

The best defense against recent proposals to ban private schools? A good offense.

The Education Policy Angle on “Fleishman Is In Trouble”

“Homework!...The cost-benefit of after-school homework.”
Joe Biden speaks to reporters

Joe Biden: Higher Education Millionaire

Maybe if these colleges weren’t paying $1,689,651 to the Bidens, they could lower tuition, or would require less taxpayer support, or students wouldn’t have to go so deeply into debt to graduate.

World Cup Heroines Are the Athletes, Not Nixon

Untangling the Effects of Title IX on Women’s Soccer
Ray Budde gives a presentation, 1972.

The “Obscure Educator” Who Invented Charter Schools

A new history is a reminder of Ray Budde’s remarkable achievement
Cover of "The Guarded Gate" by Daniel Okrent

How Professors Helped Slam Shut America’s Door

A review of "The Guarded Gate" by Daniel Okrent

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