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    Ira Stoll is the managing editor of Education Next.


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Newspaper Hit Piece on Charter Schools Misses The Mark

Reader hours, reporter time disappear into flawed journalistic experiment


Buttigieg Talks Charter Schools

Warns “Free” College Is Less Progressive Than It Sounds


Teacher Pay Emerges As Democratic Primary Issue

Call it the teacher primary.


A Teacher Strike Even Conservatives Can Support

Teachers across Iran are holding sit-ins in their school principals’ offices to demand better pay, the right to form unions, and the freeing of all jailed teachers’ rights activists.


How One ‘Ordinary’ Brooklyn High School Produced Six Nobel Laureates, a Supreme Court Justice, and Three Senators

The recent death of the distinguished political scientist Sidney Verba will be an occasion to reflect on his contributions to the field of political science and to Harvard University. What caught my eye, though, was where he went to high school.


Latest Gates Letter Tackles Transition Away From Textbooks

Bill and Melinda Gates are out with their latest annual letter discussing their philanthropy, and a chunk of it relates to education.


Behind Trump’s School Choice Sentence, A Longer Story

The transcript of President Trump’s State of the Union speech that was released by the White House mysteriously capitalized the phrase “School Choice,” as if it were the title of a law: “To help support working parents, the time has come to pass School Choice for Americans’ children.”

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