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Ira Stoll

Ira Stoll is the managing editor of Education Next.

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Photo of Henry Rosovsky

Henry Rosovsky, an Educator, Is Mourned

“Reject shoddiness in all its many forms”

First Lady Welcomes Teachers Union Leaders to White House

Biden has done “more than any other president since FDR, and maybe more than FDR,” Weingarten claims
Photo of Mike Pompeo, left, and Randi Weingarten

Is Randi Weingarten Really “The Most Dangerous Person in the World”?

A 2024 Republican presidential contender says so.

Teachers Pay to Mail Falsehoods to Massachusetts Voters

In costly campaign for tax increase, misleading claims about revenues, rates
Students in a Catholic school

Catholic Schools Are a Rare Bright Spot in Nation’s Report Card 2022 Data

Charter schools look more like traditional public schools, with test-score declines

Kissinger Warns on Education Wokeness as National Security Threat

Excessive focus on “shortcomings” of history could impair capacity to act internationally, he says

Tax Tenure?

Unionized teachers are pouring money into a campaign to impose a new tax on millionaires in Massachusetts. They might want to be careful.
Biden SEC chairman Gary Gensler

Biden Administration Sues a City Over “Rampant Overspending on Teacher Salaries”

Could the SEC, of all agencies, ride to the school-reform rescue?

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