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The Education of Bernard Bailyn

A youthful, parent-encouraged “addiction” to reading launched a scholarly career

How Professors Helped Slam Shut America’s Door

A review of “The Guarded Gate” by Daniel Okrent

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“Best Damn Class I Ever Took”

How teaching is like playing the piano


Searching for Precedent in Pandemics Past

“On account of the pestilence that occurred in this year, all the teachers of the boys are dead”


On Education, Bloomberg Is Everywhere

Democratic presidential candidate gave more than $63 million to education causes in 2017, 2018.


Trump Call for School Choice Echoes in Campaign Context

Janiyah Davis, meet Landel Shakespeare.


What about the Non-Graybill Students?

A Rhodes scholar lawyer for the Montana public schools cites himself as definitive proof that they are “great.”


$100,000 Prize Will Reward “Teaching Excellence”

Optional weekend advanced math problems on a fifth-grade blackboard inspire appreciation, and an award, decades later.


Meet the Memphis Great-Grandmother Who Confronted Elizabeth Warren About School Choice

“I dream big and I fight hard for kids,” says Sarah Carpenter


On Education, Bloomberg Candidacy Would Be Game-Changing

“Too many politicians are afraid.” Not Mayor Bloomberg.


New Red Sox Executive Credits Classics Education

“Taught me how to learn.”


Education Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson takes a side in the reading wars.


Ban Public Schools

The best defense against recent proposals to ban private schools? A good offense.


The Education Policy Angle on “Fleishman Is In Trouble”

“Homework!…The cost-benefit of after-school homework.”


Joe Biden: Higher Education Millionaire

Maybe if these colleges weren’t paying $1,689,651 to the Bidens, they could lower tuition, or would require less taxpayer support, or students wouldn’t have to go so deeply into debt to graduate.


World Cup Heroines Are the Athletes, Not Nixon

Untangling the Effects of Title IX on Women’s Soccer


The “Obscure Educator” Who Invented Charter Schools

A new history is a reminder of Ray Budde’s remarkable achievement


What Warren Phillips and George Kelling Had in Common

The former Dow Jones CEO and the “Broken Windows” author both were memorable teachers at Harvard Kennedy School.


Biden, Harris, on Campaign Trail, Press School Shooting Issue

“There was a high school student, a young woman, here after the event who was crying on my shoulder–crying big tears– because she has had to go through those drills and she is afraid,” Senator Kamala Harris said.


Biden Backs Two Years of “Free” Community College

“Twelve years of education is not enough anymore,” Biden said during a midday event on May 13 in Hampton, N.H. He cited his wife, a professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College, as saying, “any country that out-educates us will out compete us.”


What Michael Bennet Did for Denver’s Public Schools

A U.S. senator from Colorado, Michael Bennet, announced today that he is running for president.


Newspaper Hit Piece on Charter Schools Misses The Mark

Reader hours, reporter time disappear into flawed journalistic experiment


Buttigieg Talks Charter Schools

Warns “Free” College Is Less Progressive Than It Sounds


Teacher Pay Emerges As Democratic Primary Issue

Call it the teacher primary.


A Teacher Strike Even Conservatives Can Support

Teachers across Iran are holding sit-ins in their school principals’ offices to demand better pay, the right to form unions, and the freeing of all jailed teachers’ rights activists.


How One ‘Ordinary’ Brooklyn High School Produced Six Nobel Laureates, a Supreme Court Justice, and Three Senators

The recent death of the distinguished political scientist Sidney Verba will be an occasion to reflect on his contributions to the field of political science and to Harvard University. What caught my eye, though, was where he went to high school.


Latest Gates Letter Tackles Transition Away From Textbooks

Bill and Melinda Gates are out with their latest annual letter discussing their philanthropy, and a chunk of it relates to education.


Behind Trump’s School Choice Sentence, A Longer Story

The transcript of President Trump’s State of the Union speech that was released by the White House mysteriously capitalized the phrase “School Choice,” as if it were the title of a law: “To help support working parents, the time has come to pass School Choice for Americans’ children.”

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