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Macke Raymond serves as director of the Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO), which analyzes education reform efforts around the country. CREDO’s mission is to improve the quantity and quality of evidence about the impacts of education innovations on student achievement in public K–12 education. Raymond, who has done extensive work in public policy and education reform, is currently researching the development of competitive markets and the creation of reliable data on program performance.

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What the XQ Super School Design Challenge Gets Right

As we created the design challenge, we considered the past record and drew from the collective experience.

Quality Counts Should Stick to Education

The release today of Education Week’s annual report card for states, Quality Counts 2010, promises to receive extraordinary scrutiny. CREDO assessed Quality Counts 2009 for Education Next, specifically focusing on the Chance-for-Success Index. We found that the rankings for states closely mirrored their demography, which says nothing about the value-add of schools.

Quality Counts and the Chance-for-Success Index

Narrowing its scope to factors schools can control would give the measure greater value

Teach for America

Since 1990 the New York-based Teach for America (TFA) program has placed more than...

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