Charter Schools

The Real Problem with Highly Regulated 'School Choice'

The problem is not that private schools won’t participate in heavily regulated school choice programs. The problem is that they will.

Critique of Study of Voucher Impact on College Enrollment Misguided

Several of the issues raised by Goldrick-Rab have no merit and none undermine the primary conclusion of our study.

Catholic v. Charters: Where’s the God Gene?

A couple of reports last week reanimated the debate about what to do with Catholic schools, which have been hemorrhaging students for the last couple of decades.

Disruptive Innovation and Independent Public Schools

Independent public schools of choice could turn out to be as disruptive to traditional education systems as those crummy little Sony radios turned out to be to the vacuum-tube behemoths and as Honda was to Detroit.

‘Vouchers Unspoken,’ Predictable—But Unproductive

Whatever its other virtues or defects, Romney's plan should be debated on the basis of what it actually proposes—and not a politically-colored version thereof.

Could We Depoliticize School Choice?

As a long-time student of school choice (and, full disclosure, an adviser to Romney’s education team) I anticipate the governor is in for a bit of moral outrage.

Scaling Up By Scaling Down

It is not so much that “reform has to go beyond charters” as it is that real reform must embrace choice—choice at the individual level.

Are Charter Schools Models of Reform for Traditional Public Schools?

Yes, answers Roland Fryer in an amazing study released this month.

City-Based Strategies For Excellent Charter Schools

A number of forward looking cities have set aside contentious debates about charter schools, and have instead chosen to embrace high-quality charter schools in their reform strategies. This is a welcome development for students stuck in underperforming schools. But these city-based movements are not without challenges.

The Myth of the “Good” School

Supporters of public education ought not make “hey parents, suck it up” their rallying cry.


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