Fall 2022: Vol. 22, No. 4


Estimating the “Effective Teaching Gap”

Students Experience Unequal Outcomes, but Mostly Equal Access to High-Quality Instruction
About 200 people protested the removal of merit-based admissions at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia. The author is in the front, in pink.

How “Mama Bears” Won a Court Victory—and Helped Elect a Governor—in Virginia

Immigrant parents from Asia fight discrimination in admissions at a top high school

Progress Is Possible

A longer-term look defies conventional narratives of an education system in decline

A Half Century of Student Progress Nationwide

First comprehensive analysis finds broad gains in test scores, with larger gains for students of color than white students

Take Away Their Cellphones

… So we can rewire schools for belonging and achievement
Cover of "When Schools Work" by Bruce Fuller

Pluralistic Politics Lead to Improved Learning in L.A. Schools

Public-private efforts and motivated district leaders effect reform
Cover of "God Grades & Graduation" by Ilana Horwitz

The Perks of Faith

How religious belief and behavior help students thrive in school
Lakisha Young, a former KIPP employee, launched The Oakland REACH to help underserved San Francisco Bay Area families advocate for their children.

Beyond Bake Sales

Parent activist groups, many led by women of color, emerge as a significant new force nationwide.


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