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Nat Malkus

Nat Malkus is a resident scholar and the deputy director of education policy at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where he specializes in K–12 education.

Published Articles & Media

School Closed sign outside Churchill High School

Parents Punish Schools That Stayed Physically Closed During the Pandemic

Enrollment drops were larger in schools that were most remote

School Districts’ Remote-Learning Plans May Widen Student Achievement Gap

Only 20 percent of schools meet standards for “rigorous” remote-learning instruction

Inspecting the Inspector General

Should Auditors Set the Terms of Debate on Federal Education Policy?

The Costs, Opportunities, and Limitations of the Expansion of 529 Education Savings Accounts

The 529 expansion to private K-12 schools will primarily benefit affluent families, produce limited incentives for promoting private school choice, and come at a nontrivial cost to states.

Lynchpin of Teachers Union Power Returns to the Supreme Court

If the Court rules against agency fees it would cause teachers unions’ membership to shrink and the unions’ political and economic wings to be clipped.

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