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Matthew Ladner

Matthew Ladner is the Executive Editor of RedefinED.

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Student raising hand in a science lab

The NAEP Sounded Red Alert for Students with Disabilities Before Covid-19

Many states had academic disasters unfolding for students with disabilities before the pandemic

What To Make of the 2019 Results from the “Nation’s Report Card”

"Shame on us," "Return to accountability," "Focus on the low-performing students," and other reactions to the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress results.

In Defense Of Education’s “Wild West”

Charter schools thrive in the Four Corners states

Should Reformers Support Education Savings Accounts?

Education Next talks with Matthew Ladner and Nelson Smith

The Next Step in School Choice

Should Reformers Support Education Savings Accounts?

How the Aging of the U.S. Population Will Affect K-12 Education

As the Baby Boomers retire, a fierce battle between advocates of public spending on health and public education looms.

Florida’s Reforms Working, Particularly for Minority Students

Last year, Dan Lips and I demonstrated, in the pages of Education Next, that demography is not K-12 destiny . We cited the remarkable progress of disadvantaged students in Florida based on 1998-2007 NAEP data. NAEP has released the 2009 data, and the news for Florida just keeps getting better.

Demography as Destiny?

Hispanic student success in Florida

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