In Inside Higher Ed, Lindsay McKenzie writes about several universities that are putting free Amazon Echo Dot devices in student dorm rooms.

The voice-activated devices are meant to help students more easily access information about their schools, information that is currently stored in many different databases.

McKenzie spoke with Madeleine Estabrook, an administrator at Northeastern University, which has invested a great deal in the voice-activated technology.

“We have very big dreams for this,” she said.

Estabrook said that Northeastern wants to be an innovator in voice-controlled technology, not only using it to help students find information but also exploring the role the technology might play in teaching and learning, and even student advising.

In this episode of the EdNext podcast, Michael Horn and Marty West discuss how voice-activated technology might transform the K-12 classroom.

An article by Michael Horn on this topic, “Hey Alexa, Can You Help Kids Learn More?” appears in the Spring 2018 issue of EdNext,

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Last updated August 23, 2018