Comparing Online and AI-Assisted Learning: A Student’s View

An 8th grader reviews traditional Khan Academy and its AI-powered tutor, Khanmigo
Illustration of three triangles in glowing neon colors

GPT-4 Is Still Not Ready to Teach Geometry

But the forthcoming Wolfram plugin could change that.
The Lyons Danse macabre at the Princeton University library, one of two surviving copies, contains the earliest depiction of a printing shop: one skeleton of death seizes the surprised compositor, another the pressman, and another, in adjacent scene, a dismayed bookseller standing at his counter.

Will ChatGPT Unflip the Classroom?

Teachers must ensure students are learning—and not just outsourcing tasks to artificial intelligence
Hand writing out Pythagoras Theorem on chalkboard

ChatGPT Is Not Ready to Teach Geometry (Yet)

The viral chatbot is often wrong, but never in doubt. Educators need to tread carefully.
A security camera mounted on a wall

Cameras in the Classroom

Iowa, Florida lawmakers introduce bills
Third-grade teacher Cara Denison manages students in person and remotely, simultaneously, at Rogers International School in Stamford, Connecticut.

Make Transparency the Pandemic’s Educational Legacy

Zoom classes and cameras in hybrid classrooms allow parents to appreciate terrific teachers, see what a child is learning, and intervene when necessary.
Photo of a Harley Davidson motorcycle

Social Media’s Like Tossing a ’Tween the Keys to a Harley

"Schools would benefit from thinking about social media not as a few apps embedded in a ’tween’s phone but as sophisticated, double-edged tools."


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