Summer 2003: Vol. 3, No. 3

Security Detail

An inside look at school discipline

Paper tiger unions; Bronze Age of education; and nimble charters

Paper tiger unions; Bronze Age of education; and nimble charters

Marginal Impact

Upstart Startup: Creating and Sustaining a Public Charter School By James Nehring; Standards of Mind and Heart: Creating the Good High School By Peggy Silva and Robert A. Mackin; Central Park East and Its Graduates: “Learning by Heart” By David Bensman; One Kid at a Time: Big Lessons from a Small School By Eliot Levine

Study Abroad

Why Schools Matter: A Cross-National Comparison of Curriculum and Learning by William H. Schmidt et al.

Meet Mr. Shannon

At Bronx Prep, a master teacher shares his expertise. Photograph courtesy of Kristin Kearns Jordan.

Are Teachers Underpaid?

It is often said that the nation does not properly value teaching. Is this...

Low Pay, Low Quality

For decades the nation has been able to school its children on the cheap by exploiting a trapped workforce of educated women. Those days are long gone.

Comparable Worth

Salary data fail to account for the shorter workday and work year in teaching. Once adjusted, teacher salaries look about right.

Façade of Excellence

Stuyvesant High School’s dirty little secret

Philosopher or King?

Shanker sought to transform teacher unions into a powerful voice for education reform, proposing ideas that were unconventional for a union president.


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