Standards, Testing, and Accountability

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco’s Detracking Experiment

Course enrollments are a means to an end—student learning—not an end unto themselves.
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What Does the Future Hold for School Accountability?

Those who embrace the value of testing are no longer sure how to make their case.
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States: Don’t Give Up on Measuring Student Growth for 2022 Accountability

States lacking valid baseline test data from 2021 could go back to 2019 for their baselines, measuring cumulative growth across three years.
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What the Digital SAT Will Mean for Students and Educators

"Easier to take, easier to give, and more relevant," a College Board vice president says.
Students in Hengshui, China, chant during a rally to prepare for the GaoKao, the Chinese college-entrance exam.

Testing Backlash Could Hurt American Global Competitiveness

As U.S. college admissions go test-optional and K-12 standardized testing comes under pressure, China and India loom
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Declining NAEP Scores Are Flashing Red Lights for the Covid Generation

My claim that the Great Recession was to blame for lower test scores was met with mockery. Here's the case.
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Making Sure School Performance Measures Provide the Right Diagnosis to Improve Student Outcomes

"How are the students doing?" is a different question from "What does the school contribute?"
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Blinding Ourselves to America’s Achievement Woes

Even AP students now seek out "easy" subjects, such as "human geography."
SpaceX launch of Thaicom 6 to Geo transfer orbit

Testing, SpaceX, and the Quest for Consensus

A hoped-for revolution in assessment confronts practical obstacles


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