Standards, Testing, and Accountability

A series of red lights

Declining NAEP Scores Are Flashing Red Lights for the Covid Generation

My claim that the Great Recession was to blame for lower test scores was met with mockery. Here's the case.
Illustration of a man measuring a school with an oversized ruler

Making Sure School Performance Measures Provide the Right Diagnosis to Improve Student Outcomes

"How are the students doing?" is a different question from "What does the school contribute?"
Group of blindfolded people

Blinding Ourselves to America’s Achievement Woes

Even AP students now seek out "easy" subjects, such as "human geography."
SpaceX launch of Thaicom 6 to Geo transfer orbit

Testing, SpaceX, and the Quest for Consensus

A hoped-for revolution in assessment confronts practical obstacles
Two canoes in a race

Yes, Learning Standards Are Arbitrary. Yes, Learning Loss Is Real.

Children need to know how to read, and fewer of them are currently reading as well as they otherwise would be. That demands our attention, not our platitudes.
Kindergarten teacher Julie Mackett conducts her class at Ft. Meigs Elementary School, in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Covid and Student Achievement: Early Evidence from Ohio’s Fall Tests

The decline equates to about one third of a year’s worth of learning, and it was worse among students whose districts started the year with fully remote instruction.

Pandemic Offers Opportunity to Reduce Standardized Testing

Start by ending the practice of giving annual tests to all kids in most grades


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