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Accountability for Early Education — A Different Approach and Some Positive Signs

Outcomes-based accountability has come to preschools in the form of Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS).


The Financial Stress of Teaching in Regions of Fast Economic Growth

Rising costs are creating substantial economic anxiety among teachers and possibly affecting their teaching practice.


Low-Performing Students No Longer Making Gains on NAEP

The gains in test performance in the early 2000s were driven by particularly strong gains for the lowest performing students.


Evidence Should Inform But Not Drive Decision Making

Decision makers may end up relying on data about outcomes that happen to be available rather than about outcomes that align with their goals.


New Evidence That Students’ Beliefs About Their Brains Drive Learning

Experimental research has found that developing a growth mindset can improve academic achievement and that schools can affect students’ mindset.


Promises and Pitfalls of Online Education

Online courses for college students can improve access, yet they also are challenging, especially for the least well-prepared students.


A Counterintuitive Approach to Improving Math Education: Focus on English Language Arts Teaching

The benefits of good English teachers are seen in students’ achievement in future years, not only in English, but in other subjects as well.


Continued Support for Improving the Lowest-Performing Schools

As states take over responsibility for addressing their low-performing schools, they can draw lessons from some SIG successes.


Going to School is Optional: Schools Need to Engage Students to Increase Their Lifetime Opportunities

Missing school and skipping class has consequences for student learning. Luckily we have policy levers to keep students in school and in class.

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