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Matthew A. Kraft

Matthew Kraft is assistant professor of education at Brown University.

Published Articles & Media

Graphic: A blueprint for scaling tutoring across public schools

The Case for a National Student Tutoring System

We can think of few educational interventions with such a range of potential returns.

Taking Teacher Coaching To Scale

Can Personalized Training Become Standard Practice?

What Have We Learned from the Gates-Funded Teacher Evaluation Reforms?

The real story here is the many insights about implementation—what actually happened on the ground—based on rich qualitative and survey data.

Were Teacher Evaluation Reforms a Net Positive or Net Negative?

Would schools, teachers, and students be better off if states had not implemented evaluation reforms at all? I suspect not.

Summer School is Coming, Get Parents Involved

Parents who are given actionable feedback on how their kids are doing in summer school are more likely to talk with their kids and their kids are more likely to earn course credit.

What Effective Schools Do

Stretching the cognitive limits on achievement

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