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Lindsey M. Burke is the Director of the Center for Education Policy and Mark A. Kolokotrones Fellow in Education at the Heritage Foundation.

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The West Virginia state Senate debates school choice legislation, March 17, 2021.

Rethinking Old Tactics to Advance School Choice

Courting Democratic policymakers has not been effective. Indeed, it has likely been counter-productive.
Figure 1: The Effect of Open-Enrollment Mandates on Expected Participation

Some Regulations Deter Private Schools from Participating in Voucher Programs

Rules preventing participating schools from having specific admissions policies and requirements that schools take state standardized tests both reduce the likelihood that private schools say they will participate in voucher programs.

The Risks Exceed the Rewards: A Nationwide Federal Tax Credit Scholarship Program

The administration’s support of school choice is praiseworthy, but a federal tax credit scholarship program poses a threat to education choice in the states and undermines conservative efforts to streamline the federal tax code.

Survey Says: Parents Want School Choice

The nation’s largest private school choice program is effective, popular, and money-saving. And yet, it could be on the chopping block.

A Strong Start on Advancing Reform

Forum: Trump and the Nation’s Schools

Trump and the Nation’s Schools

Assessing the administration’s early impact on education

Trains, Planes, and ESAs

As with rail, what began as an effort to regulate and make universal elementary education eventually translated into attempts to block competitors to the government funded model.

Title I Flexibility and Micro ESAs

Instead of continuing with a complex and ineffective maze of Title I regulations, states should have the opportunity to let parents decide how to use Title I dollars.

Education Savings Accounts Are For More Than Just Private School Tuition

In Arizona, families use ESAs to access a variety of learning opportunities for their children.

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