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Jay is a senior research fellow for education policy at The Heritage Foundation.

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Happy T-1 Peoples Day

Controversies surrounding the celebration of Columbus Day raise a number of interesting questions. Unfortunately, many of the new answers offered are at least as simplistic and historically false as the established answers they are meant to replace.

Mostly Harmless

Beneath the over-reactions and counter-over-reactions on Obama’s speech today is a real issue — Who should have primary responsibility for raising (educating) children?

No More Revenge of the Nerds

According to the Wall Street Journal, Texas high school students can now receive additional course credit toward graduation for participation in athletics.

The Special Ed D.C. Bubble

One of the (many) problems with education policy analysts is that a large number of them live in or around Washington, D.C.

Burning Out on Burnout Stories

‘Tis the season for teacher burnout stories.

The Odd Couple

Murray and Rothstein find some unexpected common ground

Debunking a Special Education Myth

Don't blame private options for rising costs

The Business Model

Value-added analysis is a crucial tool in the accountability toolbox--despite its flaws

Vouchers in Charlotte

Vouchers and the Test-Score Gap

The Looming Shadow

Florida gets its "F" schools to shape up

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