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Jonathan Butcher

Jonathan Butcher is a senior policy analyst in the Center for Education Policy at The Heritage Foundation.

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The Risks Exceed the Rewards: A Nationwide Federal Tax Credit Scholarship Program

The administration’s support of school choice is praiseworthy, but a federal tax credit scholarship program poses a threat to education choice in the states and undermines conservative efforts to streamline the federal tax code.

Can 529 Savings Plans Be Used for K-12 Private School Tuition?

Federal law now allows this but some states still have ambiguity in their laws.

Who Signs Your Paycheck?

Federal influence on State Education Agencies

Good News About Education Reform? Just Look Around

Parental choice in education has seen great success, and stories of students’ changed lives and parents’ and policymakers’ acts of courage are all around us.

Title I Flexibility and Micro ESAs

Instead of continuing with a complex and ineffective maze of Title I regulations, states should have the opportunity to let parents decide how to use Title I dollars.

Arizona’s First Audit of Education Savings Accounts is Instructive

Education Savings Accounts have gained popularity among supporters of parental choices in education, and lawmakers in four other states have enacted laws similar to Arizona’s since 2011.

Education Savings Accounts Are For More Than Just Private School Tuition

In Arizona, families use ESAs to access a variety of learning opportunities for their children.

Education Savings Accounts Turn 5 Years Old

Some 3,000 students in Arizona and Florida are now using education savings accounts, more than half of them children with special needs.

Education Savings Accounts Leave a Mom at Loss for Words

In survey results that the Friedman Foundation released today, evidence indicates that parents using education savings account are very satisfied with their new options.

School Choice Marches Forward

2011 a year of new laws and new lawsuits

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