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A. Graham Down

A. Graham Down, a graduate of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, was formerly Acting Director of the College Board's Advanced Placement Program and was Executive Director and President of the Council for Basic Education, (1974-1994). He is also an accomplished keyboard artist, specializing in the organ, piano and harpsichord.

Published Articles & Media

The Problems and Promise of Common Core

In a video roundtable, HGSE experts explore the challenges of implementing America’s new standards.

Poor Students Can’t Afford Teacher Strike

The public should not tolerate damage to the education of disadvantaged students resulting from a strike over disagreements about teachers’ salaries, benefits, job security, and method of evaluation.

Calling Out President Obama

In yesterday’s Washington Post, Kevin Chavous and Anthony Williams note that President Obama has not yet “spoken publicly” on plans to end the D.C. Scholarship Program. Yet, a case could be made that he has.

No Reader Left Behind: Improving Media Coverage of Education

A Brookings panel discussion Wednesday afternoon should be interesting.

An Update on Wisconsin’s RTTT

There are new developments in Wisconsin’s quest for Race To The Top money, an effort highlighted by President Obama’s decision to deliver a speech on education in Madison earlier in November. The most reasonable conclusion: if the state actually gets some or all of the $250 million for which it is eligible, then RTTT is meaningless.

Rocketship Redux

In an earlier post I described an October visit to the Rocketship Mateo Sheedy charter school in San Jose CA. Last week the school was the subject of a post at the blog of Joanne Jacobs. One comment asked about teacher salaries at the school. Another doubted that the budget was as low as I had claimed.

Blasting Off

As surely as the sun rises in the east, defenders of America’s traditional schools recite the litany of demographic reasons for the racial gap in academic achievement. Not everywhere, however.

In Good Faith

Earlier this week I submitted the following letter to the editor to the Wall Street Journal. I don’t know whether it will be published. I am less sanguine than the paper’s editors regarding the intentions of Senator Durbin.

Giving Up on Education Reporting

I could not disagree more with the notion that it’s unfair to blame education reporters for lack of depth in covering labor issues.

A Little Context Needed for Complaints about School Revenue Shortfalls

The general public is woefully uninformed as to how much is spent on K-12 public education and, by extension, how much that spending has grown. Why would this be the case? No mystery, really.

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