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Dr. Dan Goldhaber is the Director of the Center for Education Data & Research and a Professor in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington Bothell. He is also an Affiliated Scholar at the Urban Institute, the co-editor of Education Finance and Policy, and a member of the Washington State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Goldhaber previously served as an elected member of the Alexandria City School Board from 1997-2002, and as an Associate Editor of Economics of Education Review. Dan’s work focuses on issues of educational productivity and reform at the K-12 level, with a current focus on the broad array of human capital policies that influence the composition, distribution, and quality of teachers in the workforce. Topics of published work in this area include studies of the stability of value-added measures of teachers, the effects of teacher qualifications and quality on student achievement, and the impact of teacher pay structure and licensure on the teacher labor market. Previous work has covered topics such as the relative efficiency of public and private schools, and the effects of accountability systems and market competition on K-12 schooling. Dan’s research has been regularly published in leading peer-reviewed economic and education journals such as: American Economic Review, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Policy and Management, Journal of Urban Economics, Economics of Education Review, Education Finance and Policy, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, and Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. The findings from these articles have been covered in more widely accessible media outlets such as National Public Radio, the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, and Education Week. Dan holds degrees from the University of Vermont (BA, Economics) and Cornell University (MS and PhD, Labor Economics).

Published Articles & Media

Please, Let Research Inform the Union Debate

There's emerging evidence that what's in collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) can influence important outcomes.

A Gloomy Perspective on High-Stakes Testing

A review of "The Testing Charade" by Daniel Koretz

In Schools, Teacher Quality Matters Most

Today’s research reinforces Coleman’s findings

Gains in Teacher Quality

Academic capabilities of the U.S. teaching force are on the rise

Managing the Teacher Workforce

The consequences of “last in, first out” personnel policies

The Mystery of Good Teaching

Surveying the evidence on student achievement and teachers' characteristics.

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