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    David Figlio is Dean of the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University and research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research.


Does Competition Improve Public Schools?

New evidence from the Florida tax-credit scholarship program

Winter 2011 / Vol. 11, No. 1

The Gentleman’s A

New evidence on the effects of grade inflation

Spring 2004 / Vol. 4, No. 2

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School Policies and the Success of Advantaged and Disadvantaged Students

Policies and practices that might be successful overall could actually help one group of students while harming another.


Did Tenure Reform in Florida Affect Student Test Scores?

There is some evidence that Florida’s “game changing” tenure reform law of 2011 slightly increased student test achievement in math and reading, and that the gains were more prominent for the lowest-performing students.


Influx of Haitian Refugees in Florida Didn’t Hurt Student Outcomes

We present the first evidence on the effects of a large influx of refugees or disaster-fleeing migrants on the educational outcomes of incumbent students.


The Importance of a Diverse Teaching Force

Bachelor’s degree completion gaps make it much harder to achieve a teaching force whose diversity mirrors that of the student population.


Some Schools Much Better Than Others at Closing Achievement Gaps Between Their Advantaged and Disadvantaged Students

Policymakers should pay much closer attention to the practices of individual schools rather than concentrating exclusively on policies and interventions typically enacted at the district level.


Start High School Later for Better Academic Outcomes

Changing school start times could boost learning at a very low cost.


Are Great Teachers Poor Scholars?

Universities aspire to excellence in both teaching and research, but does scholarly excellence come at a cost in terms of teaching quality?


A Silver Lining for Online Higher Education?

While the overall picture regarding online higher education is mixed, some new papers present some cause for optimism, especially if we can figure out ways to successfully monitor and certify the quality of online education.


How Schools Respond to Competition

Podcast: David Figlio talks with Education Next about his new study, which finds that public schools in Florida raise their performance when faced with the prospect of losing students to nearby private schools via the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program.

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