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Anna J. Egalite

Anna Egalite is an associate professor at North Carolina State University, a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and an editor at Education Next.

Published Articles & Media

Teacher-Student Race Matching: Where The Research Is Heading

A new study looks at differences in exposure and impact associated with assignment to same race/ethnicity teachers between the traditional public school and public charter sectors.

Five Questions About Data Use for School Leaders

This school year, take charge of your data.

School Leaders Can Help Reduce Minority Teacher Turnover

Teacher turnover and shortages are challenges that the entire education field faces, but these challenges are especially acute for teachers of color.

Three Questions About Education Leadership Research

The research in this area is incomplete, but a recent development makes us hopeful that better data are on the horizon.

The Effect of Louisiana’s Voucher Program on School Integration: A Response to The Century Foundation

As the lead author of the 2017 Louisiana study referenced in this report, I must address Potter’s misrepresentation of our research.

The Many Ways Teacher Diversity May Benefit Students

At least three distinct theories have been proposed about how moving away from a majority-white teacher workforce would be beneficial for students of color.

Rethinking Charter School Evaluations When the Gold Standard Is Off the Table

The methods used by the Center for Research on Educational Outcomes (CREDO) to analyze charter school effectiveness offer a reasonable alternative when the gold standard is not feasible or possible.

Education without Representation

As the diversity of students in our schools continues to grow, the arguments for policies meant to improve representation among teachers have more and more evidence to support them.

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