On Thursday, April 19 from 9:00-10:30 am we’ll be watching a live webcast of the Fordham Institute’s event on digital learning featuring John E. Chubb, Mark Bauerlein, Eleanor Laurans, and Bryan Hassel as panelists and Mike Petrilli as moderator. As described on the event page:

Is digital learning education’s latest fad or its future? What fundamental changes to the ways we fund, staff, and govern American schools are necessary to fulfill the technology’s potential? Will policy tweaks suffice or do we need a total system overhaul—and a big change in the reform priorities that can bring this about? Who will resist—and do their objections have merit? Fordham is bringing together experts on all aspects of education policy—from governance to finance to human capital—to examine how policymakers can make digital learning a transformative tool to improve American education…and weigh the dangers that lie ahead.

More information on the events and the panelists can be found here.

Last updated April 17, 2012