In what has become an annual summertime tradition, I present to you the top education policy twitter feeds circa 2013. (Click for the 2012 and 2011 versions.) Klout scores are the metric; a primary focus on education policy is the only qualifier.

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The most obvious feature of this list is consistency; there are only a handful of newcomers this year, and the rankings changed only slightly. (This even though the Klout metric continues to evolve and, yes, can be gamed by savvy users.)

The “rookie of the year” award goes to the National Council on Teacher Quality, appearing on the list at an impressive rank of 15. No doubt the organization’s review of the nation’s teacher preparation programs generated a lot of buzz (and social media attention) in recent months. John Bailey and Carrie Schneider, ed tech experts both, climb onto the list for the first time, too.

The list is also an interesting mix of individuals (17) and organizations (15). Among the former, 29 percent are women; all of the individuals (to my knowledge) are white or Asian. (What’s up with that?) And among organizations, there are five newspapers, journals, or blogs; four think tanks; three membership organizations; two advocacy groups; and one big fat federal agency.

What else do you notice? And whom did I overlook? The comments section is open.

—Mike Petrilli

Note: I overlooked some important people! An updated version of the top twitter feeds list can be found here.

Last updated August 12, 2013