Teachers and Teaching

Miracle Math

A successful program from Singapore tests the limits of school reform in the suburbs

The Certification Connection

Licensure ought to guarantee that every classroom comes equipped with a skilled, knowledgeable teacher. The new performance standards for teachers are making that possible.

The Mystery of Good Teaching

Surveying the evidence on student achievement and teachers' characteristics.

Teach for America

Since 1990 the New York-based Teach for America (TFA) program has placed more than...

Certifying the Intangible

Do we need good teachers? Don't be silly. Of course we do. We can...

Low Expectations

My high school was certified as "college preparatory." I was able to take introductory...

Much Ado About Something

Teaching students how to read the classics

Why Choice Is Good for Teachers

Traditionalists and progressives coexist warily in today’s public schools, creating fragmented institutions with no common ethos. Letting teachers start their own schools may bring an end to the pedagogical holy wars.

Fringe Benefits

There is more to compensation than a teacher’s salary

The Sun Sets on the West

Social studies, the politically correct way


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