According to recent polls, adults who were born between 1981 and 1996 tend to think favorably about charter schools, vouchers, and other types of education options, notes Kate Stringer in The 74.

She reports on a panel discussion that took place earlier this week at South by Southwest Education called “Millennials Matter: Ed Reformers Need to Hear Us.”

Stringer reviews the results of several polls, including the EdNext poll, which found high levels of support for school vouchers. She notes:

According to a 2017 GenForward survey, nearly three-quarters of millennials across ethnicities support school vouchers — public money that pays for students to attend private school — for low-income children, and about two-thirds support this option for all students.

You can read about the 2018 EdNext Poll here and see detailed results here.

— Education Next

Last updated March 8, 2019