Buzzfeed has a report on a presidential campaign event of Senator Elizabeth Warren in Atlanta that was disrupted by protesters urging support for charter schools. Longtime school choice activist Howard Fuller was on the scene and, according to a photograph posted on Twitter, met with Warren after the event. Fuller tweeted, “We told her she needs to back down on her attacks on charter schools and the power of parents to choose the best education for their children.”

The Summer 2015 issue of Education Next carried an excerpt of Fuller’s memoir, No Struggle No Progress: “To me, vouchers just seemed like the next step in a logical progression of the struggle. Our efforts to change the system hadn’t worked, and so we had to have a way for low-income parents to opt out of it. Families with means already had the freedom to choose.” Fuller has also been a guest on the Education Exchange podcast (July 8, 2019) and the EdNext podcast (January 4, 2017). And in 2013, we published an interview that Andy Smarick conducted with Fuller.

— Education Next

Last updated November 22, 2019