In the News: L.A. Unified Decides Fate of Six Charter Schools

By 10/20/2016

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On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Board of Education voted to reject petitions for renewal for five charter schools, despite the fact that the academic performance of the schools “ranged from acceptable to much better,” writes Howard Blume in the Los Angeles Times.


Blume notes

Charter advocates on Tuesday asserted that L.A. Unified is growing increasingly hostile to new and existing charters, and that district evaluators are seeking to close charters over relatively minor matters that have no bearing on academic performance. 

They insisted that L.A. Unified is acting unfairly and possibly in violation of state regulations.

An article by Richard Whitmire in the Fall 2016 issue of Education Next, “Ed Reform Battle in Los Angeles,” takes a close look at tensions over charter schools in LAUSD.

– Education Next

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