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New Ed Next Podcast: Will the Federal Role in Education Double?

Education Next's Paul Peterson and Chester E. Finn, Jr. talk this week about Education...

Why are Some Environments Better than Others for Charter Schools? Today’s Policy Question

This has been a good year for evidence on the effectiveness of charters, highlighted by a major national study from CREDO and a new study in the continuing work from New York City. Nonetheless, understanding and interpreting the scientific research within the political and media environment is made more difficult by the political context.

A Controversy That Wasn’t

Consider this scenario. A 16-year-old boy transfers to a high school in Georgia from out of state and shows up the second day wearing a hot pink wig and high heels.

No More Revenge of the Nerds

According to the Wall Street Journal, Texas high school students can now receive additional course credit toward graduation for participation in athletics.


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