State Policy

The Education School Master’s Degree Factory

Simply by giving up the extra payment awarded to teachers with master’s degrees, school districts in Florida could save better than 3 percent of their teaching personnel costs without losing any of their classroom effectiveness.

Why the GOP Budget Plan Might Be Good for Education

Before you reflexively deride this week’s GOP budget proposal consider this: it just might pave the way for greater investments in our schools.

Cheating and Other Deceptions About Students’ Learning

If the USA Today allegations are true, then the adults who changed students’ answers did much more than just cheat on a test. They also cheated those students, by allowing them — and their families — to think that they had learned material they clearly hadn’t.

The Obama Administration’s Shameful Opposition to the DC Scholarship Program

The path to ESEA reauthorization just got a lot steeper, as many Republicans will refuse to play ball with an Administration not willing to compromise on a top GOP priority.

Mandating Betamax

Once the Gates-Fordham-AFT-USDOE coalition settles on the details of nationalizing standards, curriculum, and testing, it will become extremely difficult to change anything about education.

The Digital Divide and the Knowledge Deficit

Are we letting our digital obsessions distract us from obligations to teach knowledge?

A Modest Proposal for Pension Reform

Fundamental reform—based on tying benefits to contributions—is needed to fix these broken systems.

Teachers Unions Here and There

I don’t always agree with Marc Tucker but he knows a heckuva lot...

School Funding: Do We Have to be as Poor as Our Neighbor?

In a provocative new school funding case, a federal court judge in Kansas City ruled against parents from the suburban Shawnee Mission school district who had wanted to increase property taxes above the state mandated limit. This is a local control debate that is sure to heat up as we stumble through the current financial crisis.

Teachers and Their Bitter Harvest

“Teachers wonder, why the heapings of scorn?” is the front page headline over a Trip Gabriel story in today’s New York Times. And, indeed, teachers have been taking it on the chin of late.


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