Grit v. Knowledge: Round 2

Much of what we read in Adam Bryant's “Corner Office” columns would certainly justify Paul Tough’s applause for persistence and grit. But though certainly gritty and persistent, all of the subjects of the column show signs of having a remarkable background in knowledge acquisition (e.g. professional parents, high SATs, college degrees) probably earned their success by putting their grit at the service of learning.

Behind the Headline: Who Says Math Has To Be Boring?

The New York Times editorial board yesterday weighed in on why American students hate math and how instruction needs to be changed.

Paul Tough’s Grit Hypothesis Doesn’t Help Poor Kids

We can only hope that policymakers, teachers, and administrators understand the limitations of the grit hypothesis so we don’t disadvantage yet another generation of hard-working, gritty, and determined poor kids by not teaching them what they need to know to succeed.

Behind the Headline: Pulling a More Diverse Group of Achievers Into the Advanced Placement Pool

A front-page article in the New York Times looks at efforts to enroll more minority students in Advanced Placement classes. Andy Mollison wrote for Ed Next about the explosive growth of the AP program and at whether the high academic standards of the program are being maintained.

Wurman Testimony on Common Core in Ohio

This testimony was presented in Ohio by Ze'ev Wurman of the Hoover Institution on November 20, 2013.

A Playbook for the Common Core'ites: Part I

I"ve long said that the Common Core strikes me as an intriguing effort that could do much good. The past couple weeks, I"ve been struck by how fragile the effort is starting to seem and how clumsily the Common Core"ites seem to be responding to challenges. In the spirit of public service, here"s some advice.

The Common Core Conflation Syndrome: Standards & Curriculum

There is no Common Core curriculum, radical or otherwise.

Poor Children Need a Hand Up, Not Hospice

Does the progressive vision of schooling work to help poor children gain the skills and knowledge and confidence and connections that will allow them to climb the ladder into the middle class?

Behind the Headline: Who Should Be in the Gifted Program?

In Slate, Sarah Garland writes about efforts to make gifted classes more inclusive.

Behind the Headline: Read It, and Finally, Don’t Weep

In New York City, the Education Department is dropping its longtime literacy curriculum as part of a shift to the new Common Core standards.


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