“Hardly any of the 17 Republican candidates can find a good word to say for Common Core State Standards,” write Paul E. Peterson and Martin R. West on The 74, and “from the other end of the political spectrum, teacher unions are also raising questions.”

They continue

With criticism mounting from both right and the left, one might assume that the American public is ready to give up on the Common Core. But the public is still quietly backing Common Core by a margin of nearly 15 percentage points. This result comes from the just released ninth annual Education Next survey of nationally representative samples of both teachers and members of the general public, which was administered to over 4,000 people in May and June.

Peterson and West also find high levels of support for continuing the federal requirement for annual testing and low levels of support for giving parents the right to have their children “opt out” of the tests.

The article, “Common Core’s Silent Majority: As Unions and GOP Candidates Bash Standards, Americans Remain Supportive,” appears on The 74

– Education Next

Last updated August 24, 2015