Now Trending: Chief Innovation Officers

New titles abound, but with limited evidence of real change

Put “Whole Language” on Trial

The case against reading instruction that leads to illiteracy

A Certificate, Then a Degree

Certificate-first programs can help tackle America’s college-completion crisis

Taking Tablet Learning Global

Can learning technology eradicate illiteracy in less-developed countries?

The Baby Bust Goes to School

Are falling birthrates a crisis or an opportunity?

Online Learning Goes Hollywood

Using video storytelling to motivate learning

From Cat Videos and Cooking Tips to the History of the Punic Wars

Educational content comes to YouTube

Putting School Budgets in Teachers’ Hands

What if end-users in the classroom made purchasing decisions?

Hey Alexa, Can You Help Kids Learn More?

The next technology that could disrupt the classroom

Big Data Transforms Education Research

Can machine learning unlock the keys to great teaching?

Now Trending: Personalized Learning

Can a buzzword deliver on its promise?

A Common Core Curriculum Quandary

For Eureka Math, open-source leads to a revenue stream

Competency-Based Learning for Teachers

Can micro-credentials reboot professional development?

Common Confusion

Most kids in America aren’t on track for success. Why don’t they and their parents know it?

Virtual Reality Disruption

Will 3-D technology break through to the educational mainstream?

“Children, be quiet and watch your lesson”

The case for video time during class

Moving Edtech Forward

School networks AltSchool and Summit are betting on a breakthrough

The Ideal Blended-Learning Combination

Is one-third computer time about right?

What Twitter Says about the Education Policy Debate

And how scholars might use it as a research tool

The Rise of AltSchool and Other Micro-schools

Combinations of private, blended, and at-home schooling meet needs of individual students

A New Breed of Journalism

Education coverage is on the rise

Learning in the Digital Age

Better educational apps are coming

MOOCs for High School

Unlocking opportunities or substandard learning?

Coming Soon: ‘Car-Key Kids’

What autonomous automobiles will mean for adolescence

Toddlers and Tablets

Emerging apps take cues from learning science

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