The enthusiasm for digital learning is contagious. More than 2 million K‒12 students are enrolled in online courses today, and research firm Ambient Insight projects that figure will hit 10 million by 2014. Will today’s wave of technology inexorably change the face of schooling, or must we first alter policy? Chester Finn, Jr., president of the Fordham Institute and editor of Education Reform for the Digital Era, and Michael Horn, executive director of education at the Innosight Institute, agree that for digital learning to realize its transformational promise, policy changes are imperative. Finn argues that these changes require a full rethinking of the education reform agenda, whereas Horn asserts that a piecemeal approach may be the wiser, more strategic course.

Chester E. Finn, Jr.: First, We Need a Brand New K-12 System

Michael B. Horn: As Digital Learning Draws New Users, Transformation Will Occur

This article appeared in the Winter 2013 issue of Education Next. Suggested citation format:

Finn, C.E., and Horn, M.B. (2013). Can Digital Learning Transform Education? Education Next, 13(1), 54-60.

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