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References for “Nudging and Shoving Students Toward Success”

These refer back to "Nudging and Shoving Students Toward Success," by Philip Oreopoulos
A Rocketship Public Schools student participates in distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This Is Going to Be the Hardest Fall We’ve Had Maybe in the Modern History of Education.”

Silicon Schools CEO on how schools can make a high-quality jump to distance learning

The Finlandization of New Orleans

Learning from the Big Easy’s success story is not so easy

In Pandemic, Private Schools Face Peril

Policy choices may help to preserve options for families

If Many More Private Schools Close, All Schools Will Suffer

Biden, Moynihan, and Goldwater once teamed up on a tuition tax-credit. Could something similar happen now?

Homeschool Happens Everywhere

Less formal instruction, but more family and community activities

The New Accountability Assignment

Post-Covid, judge schools based on what they ask students to read, write, and do, in addition to how much students learn.

How the Coronavirus Crisis May Improve Teacher Quality

Recession hiring boosts teacher quality and student learning

Reopening Resilient Schools

With a hybrid learning model and proper safeguards, schools can successfully open


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