Education Next Cover

Building on Shaky Ground

Reforming a divided school system in Los Angeles

History, Critical and Patriotic

Americans need a history that educates but also inspires

End the “Easy A”

Tougher grading standards set more students up for success

Inclusion in Action

Expectations for all at Excel Academy

The Hoosier Way

Good choices for all in Indianapolis


Common Standards Aren’t Enough

Forum: A Decade On, Has Common Core Failed?

Stay the Course on National Standards

Forum: A Decade On, Has Common Core Failed?

Common Core Has Not Worked

Forum: A Decade On, Has Common Core Failed?



A Charter Boost for Special-Ed Students and English Learners

Lessons in inclusion at Boston charter schools


The Case for Limitlessness Has Its Limits

A review of “Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead, and Live without Barriers” by Jo Boaler


In Fight Against Grade Inflation, Those Rare Tough Teachers Are Champions
“Parents . . . Shifted Their Definition of Success”

Summit Schools cofounder Diane Tavenner on the secrets of student happiness

Put “Whole Language” on Trial

The case against reading instruction that leads to illiteracy

Funeral Homes and Female Athletes

Future of girls' sports may hinge on mortuary case

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