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Has the MCPS Board Learned Its Lesson?
Bethesda magazine | May-June 2016

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Lost at Sea
Education Next | Summer 2004

How does a local school board decide to hire a superintendent? Or fire a superintendent? In Montomery County, Md., a suburban school district outside of Washington, D.C. with over 150,000 students and an annual budget of $2.4 billion, most people probably couldn’t answer these questions because much of the work of the school board seems to take place behind closed doors.ednext-may16-bth-mcpsboard

In a long article for Bethesda magazine, Lou Peck gives readers a look behind those closed doors at the sometimes dysfunctional workings of the Montgomery County school board, which hired a superintendent, fired a superintendent, and tried to hire a new superintendent in a process that left many residents of the county perplexed.

Chester E. Finn, Jr. identifies several problems with relying on local school boards to run school districts in”Lost at Sea” (co-authored with Lisa Graham Keegan) and  “The Problems of Education Governance in Twenty-First Century America.”

—Education Next

Last updated May 6, 2016