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Title I Portability Sticky Wicket in NCLB Rewrite
2/13/15| Politics K-12/Ed Week

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Even With Limited Leverage, Uncle Sam Can Promote School Choice
8/17/12 | Education Next blog

While the debate over annual testing has gotten a great deal of attention, the issue of Title I portability is emerging as possibly a bigger obstacle to agreement on reauthorization of NCLB, notes Lauren Camera of Politics K-12.

The bill to reauthorize NCLB moving through the House would change the way Title I funds are distributed, allowing the funds to follow low-income students to the schools of their choice.

When Title I portability was proposed by Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012, Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Mike Petrilli wrote about the pros and cons of the idea.

On Saturday, Rick Kahlenberg proposed a grand compromise on Title I portability: allow low-income students to take their Title I funds to the schools of their choice, but make the funding provided to each student large enough that middle-class schools will want to enroll the low-income students.

– Education Next

Last updated February 16, 2015