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Thomas W. Carroll

Thomas W. Carroll is president of the Invest in Education Coalition based in New York.

Published Articles & Media

Key Decision Points for a National K–12 Scholarship Tax Credit

If the Trump administration decides to proceed with a tax credit proposal, it will have important decisions to make with regard to faith and federalism.

The Trump Administration’s $20 Billion School Choice Plan

Debating the wisdom of this idea, and what it might look like in reality

Go Big on School Choice for All 50 States

Forum: The Trump administration’s $20 billion school choice plan

A Federal Scholarship Tax Credit: The Only Fifty-State School-Choice Option

This idea could be included in the major tax-reform overhaul expected this spring.

Evaluating the RTT Finalists

The Race to the Top finalists do not have an equal chance of actually winning a Round One grant in the $4 billion competition. Like a presidential candidate who interviews many more vice presidential candidates than actually are under serious consideration, I suspect the Education Department was intentionally over-inclusive.

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