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Thomas Toch is director of FutureEd.

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Lakisha Young, a former KIPP employee, launched The Oakland REACH to help underserved San Francisco Bay Area families advocate for their children.

Beyond Bake Sales

Parent activist groups, many led by women of color, emerge as a significant new force nationwide.


Public-education reform in the nation's capital

The Dos and Don’ts of Distance Learning in a Pandemic

The Education Exchange · Ep. 134 - March 23, 2020 - How New York...

The Dos and Don’ts of Distance Learning in a Pandemic

“The more we can simplify things, the better.”
Bernie Sanders

What Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Get About School Reform

The presidential candidate's claims are "ridiculous," "far-fetched," and "fantastically naive"
Bob Wise

Reflections of a School Reformer

An interview with Bob Wise, who served as president of the Alliance for Excellent Education from 2005 until his recent departure.

Why Reforming Teacher Evaluation Has — and Hasn’t — Succeeded

An interview with Matthew Kraft, an assistant professor of education and economics at Brown University who has researched teacher evaluation reform extensively.

Graduation Scandal Shouldn’t Overshadow Successful DCPS Reforms 

The recent furor over District of Columbia high schools issuing dubious diplomas has prompted pundits to declare a decade's worth of school reform in the nation’s capital a failure.

How D.C. Schools Are Revolutionizing Teaching

Teaching has been transformed into a performance-based profession that provides recognition, responsibility, collegiality, support, and significant compensation

Some New Teacher Evaluation Systems Do Make a Difference

The new generation of teacher evaluations have the potential to strengthen instruction, make teaching more attractive work, and raise student achievement on a wide scale—if states and school districts stay the course on reform.

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