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Tom Loveless is an education researcher and former senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

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Photo of Stanford University

Stanford Summer Math Camp Defense Doesn’t Add Up, Either

Flawed, non-causal research that the proposed California framework embraces
Rocks and mud cover HIghway 1 in California

California’s New Math Framework Doesn’t Add Up

It would place Golden State 6th graders years behind the rest of the world—and could eventually skew education in the rest of the U.S., too
Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco’s Detracking Experiment

Course enrollments are a means to an end—student learning—not an end unto themselves.

A Decade On, Has Common Core Failed?

Assessing the impact of national standards

Common Core Has Not Worked

Forum: A Decade On, Has Common Core Failed?

Racial Disparities in School Suspensions

Future efforts at discipline reform must reflect fundamental fairness while also ensuring orderly schools and welcoming learning environments.

The Strange Case of the Disappearing NAEP

Why has NAEP abandoned its foundational assessment and embarked on a new agenda?

The NAEP Proficiency Myth

NAEP proficient is not synonymous with grade level. It is a standard set much higher than that.

Common Core’s Major Political Challenges for the Remainder of 2016

Common Core is now several years into implementation. Supporters have had a difficult time persuading skeptics that any positive results have occurred. The best evidence has been mixed on that question.

Has Common Core Influenced Instruction?

Advocates of the Common Core hope that the standards will eventually produce long term positive effects as educators learn how to use them. That’s a reasonable hypothesis. But it should now be apparent that a counter-hypothesis has equal standing: any positive effect of adopting Common Core may have already occurred.

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