Morgan S. Polikoff

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    Dr. Morgan Polikoff is an Associate Professor at the Rossier School of Education at USC. His areas of expertise include K-12 education policy; Common Core standards; assessment policy; alignment among instruction, standards and assessments; and the measurement of classroom instruction.


Is Test-Based Accountability Dead?

Three experts weigh in, and look to the future

SUMMER 2017 / VOL. 17, NO. 3

Why Accountability Matters, and Why It Must Evolve

Try to think of an education policy that 1) has been shown, in dozens of studies across multiple decades, to positively affect student outcomes; 2) has the overwhelming support of parents and voters; 3) reinforces many other policies and facilitates quality research; and 4) has been used widely at the district, state, and national levels for decades or more.

SUMMER 2017 / VOL. 17, NO. 3